dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Forgot to post || Lookbook

// Jennyfer Crop Top // Hand Made Maxi Skirt // New Look Sandal Heels // Half blond hair don't care //

Roses are Red...
Violets are Blue...
And I forgot to post this lmao !

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Photos by Eric Kouamen

Elsy x Mekuate by Cindy Stephanie || Wear the unexpected

My Dear Ladies,

I feel that it has been so loooong that I haven't posted something here... (11 days ).I took time to rest and think about my life, my family and my ambitions... I had a life detox. But now it's okay I feel pretty better.

Lots happening these past days, I went to Paris, met old friends... and also worked with a young talented designer Cindy Stephanie. She made two beautiful outits for me ( Just for me =p ).

Cindy stephanie is a 18 year old - young girl who decided to create her own brand "MEKUATE" in May 2014. She's motivated by passion and love for the fashion since her childhood. She's really talented : she learned to sew by herself without any formation and already participated in two events for presenting her brand in France. Let me show you what she's capable of...

// I Love the details of this shoe: bimaterial croco and suede, gold heel //

// JENNYFER Shirt// MEKUATE Short and Tie// NEW LOOK Purse and Sandal heels// ZWITTER Shades

Make sure to visit the "MEKUATE" facebook page here.

and remember this:
"Expect nothing, and you will never be disappointed"

Photos taken by Cindy Stephanie

mercredi 9 juillet 2014

How I do my Electric Blue || Eye Makeup || 5 stepsTutorial

My Dear Ladies,

during the last week, I spent the most of my time on Instagram, searching and looking for inspiration... I've been looking through many makeup  pictures on Instagram and I fell in love with a particular one inspired by @sadiiyah.( she's one of the greatest makeup artist I follow on IG) that I'll show in this post... Stay tuned :)

I've called this makeup "Electric Blue" you will guess why... ;) !

Makeup I've used :

  1. HEMA - soft liner - black
  2. HEMA - Kohl pencil - blue
  3. HEMA - Metallic Eyemousse - blue // The essential of this makeup //
  4. H&M - Natural Eye Lashes - black
  5. GEMEY MAYBELLINE - Rocket Volum' Express mascara - black
Steps :
  • Apply the eye liner up to half on the upper eyelid in a cat-eye way.( You can help with a black Kolh pencil).
  • Apply the blue Kohl pencil on the lower eyelid.
  • Apply the Eyemousse on the blue part of the lower eyelid with a small precision brush.

  • Let's go onto the next step, installing the eyelashes ! Don't worry !!! Many of you asked me how I fix my lashes...There is a quick tip at the end of the post explaning it.

  • After fixing the eyelashes, apply the Rocket volum' mascara on them and on the lower eyelashes. Here is the final result:
// Here is the final result. What do you think of it?//

Which Lipstick color ?

Depending on your style, your attitude or the occasion, you may wear this make up the day or the night by using different lipstick color.
Wear a nude or neutral lipsick for a perfect day look ! or a red lipstick for a sexy and bold look for the night !

// SEPHORA - nude 03// --- //MAC - Russian Red//
Foundation: Genius Gel MARC JACOBS
Earrings: FOREVER 21

Quick Tip: How I fix my false eyelashes (French)
  1. Gently remove the eyelashes from their box one by one|| Je retire délicatement les cils du boitier un à un.
  2. Apply a thin amount of glue along the entire length of the lash strip and allow to set for about 30 seconds or until tacky.|| J'applique une petite quantité de colle sur toute la longueur du cil et j'attends qu'elle sèche.
  3. Using the tweezersor my fingers, place the false lash as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible, working from the center out. Hold the lash in place for a few seconds until the lash strip has a chance to hold.|| En utilisant des pinces ou mes doigts, je fixeles faux cils aussi prets de mes cils naturels afin qu'ils se confondent et je maintiens la base des faux cils afin qu'ils collent complètement.
  4. To remove lashes, hold a warm damp towel to the eye and gently peel off false lashes from the root.|| Pour retirer les cils, tenir une serviette chaude humide à l'œil et retirez délicatement les faux cils à partir de la racine.
I'll try to upload a video tutorial soon.

So, hope you enjoyed this lil tutorial, and that my little tips can help and inspire you ! It's a pleasure for me.
Thanks for the support XO
- Elsy -

jeudi 3 juillet 2014

Lipstick Showroom

My Dear Ladies ,

I know, I know, I've already said that before but..The summer has officially started (again) !!!
July is definitely here !!!Temperatures are up to 30°C, the sun makes us happy and what else ... ? It's summer time baby !!!

Today I feel like giving a lipstick showroom !

Lipsticks aren't only a fashion accessory that women can't live with. Women have relied them on for centuries.I'm totally in L O V E with lipsticks, they're  my fave fashion and make up accessories. 
  • They make you have different expressions, 
  • You can play with them, and choose the color depending on your mood, taste or a particular event. 
  • They give you THE look even if you're simply dressed or you're not wearing any other make up,
  • They make you UNIQUE. Each woman has her preferences on the type of lipstick to choose.
OMG, you can't realize all the things you can do with lipsticks!
 Let's start the SHOW !!!

// Burgundy - Island Beauty, very chic color. Click Here for more //

// Nude 02 - SEPHORA, neutral color for everyday //

// Romantic beauty 07 - is a gift from my sister, She bought it in Cameroon //

// Ruby Woo - MAC, the One I die for , click Here for more //

// Jealous - SEPHORA, a bit similar to the Romantic beauty one but more orange //

// Violet Orchid - Island Beauty, click Here for more. Do you dare to wear violet ? //
You can also use MAC Heroine lipstick for a similar color.

// Island beauty - Wild Red  Click Here for more, I love this glossy texture. I forgot how this lipstick goes on and i can say that this inventory was very useful //

What I wear
// H&M Basics Dress - Forever 21 earrings - H&M ring //
My Make up Foundation
// Marc Jacobs Genius Gel //

Gradually as time goes, I realize that I'm very addicted to fashion and make up, and I try to realize perfect make up and share it with you. Hope you like and enjoy the sharing.

"There is no greater feeling in this world than that of being happy and content with who you are. Flaws and all." 
+Shirley B. Eniang 

What is your fav' Lipstick ?

lundi 30 juin 2014

Feel My Summer Vibes || Beach- Sun- Music || Montpellier

Hey Ladies,

As you well know, I went to Montpellier two weeks ago. It is such a beautiful place that I recommend. I've spent an amazing trip so that I didn't really have time for blogging but I did a lot of Loookbook works. This post may be out of the main topic of my blog, but I would like to show you some memories of my beautiful trip. Stay tuned ;)

// One of my Lookbook post on a sunny day //
// The Caroussel- Place de la comédie //
// The streets //

// Cameroon was represented in the Robin Hood bar--- the Homeland //
// Young dancers paid tribute to Michael Jackson at Place de la Comédie on the 25th June//
// Spot and Lights //
// Celebration //
// Wonderful architecture - Details //
// The music festival 2014 took place at Montpellier, You can the excitement and the joy on our faces //

// And of course, we enjoyed the beach //

As I also said before, I posted many looks on Lookbook. You can check some of them below or click Here :) 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and felt my summer vibes in you. I've been up all night to edit this post, and it's 7 a.m, so I have to go to bed.

Thank You again for supporting me, I appreciate a lot.